I have been suffering from dyslexia all of my life without any help or treatment. Dr. Sotis has been my chiropractor since 1989. Last fall, I went in for a routine visit and discovered Hemispheric Integration as a treatment for dyslexia. I was excited – in all of my 53 years, there has been no help for this. I started Hemispheric Integration immediately. I am now seeing improvements in reading, and I have only just begun treatment. I wish that Hemispheric Integration was around 40 years ago; it would have saved me tremendous amounts of pain and shame in my life. I now see light at the end of a tunnel of darkness that I have been in my whole life. It is never too late. Thank you, Dr. John Sotis

William Aron Ringgold

I have been highly recommending you to other parents as well as other clinicians in the community that are working with my children. It is amazing how so many people are not even aware of Functional Neurology. Your approach to my son’s issues was like no other. Your evaluation process is like no other. Your explanation of my son’s issues based on the brain perspective was so informative. Your perspective on how to treat the specific individual is like no other, as it encompasses all of the components no one else has ever made me aware of in order to heal my son. I have attended multiple psychological, psychiatric, mental health, neurological, occupational and speech therapies, social workers and hospital evaluations over the past 3 1/2 years. Your vision, dedication and brilliance has surpassed all these clinicians that I have met through my ongoing journey with my son. I have read over 30 books relating to psychological and medical issues in children and the 2 books you recommend by Dr. Melillo have been the most eye-opening I have ever read. My son’s licensed mental health counselor has read a copy of your report and found it to be enlightening and insightful, as she wants to learn more about your approach.


Health Systems Specialist for Sensory & Physical Rehabilitation

My son, who is now 11 years old, was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Dysfunction (Autism Spectrum) at 18 months old. Although he has made great strides over the years, his heightened anxiety still held him back from enjoying and engaging in everyday tasks. Over the years, we have tried many different therapies, all of which I had researched thoroughly before starting. Many therapies focused on enhancing the positives without addressing the “negative”, or the issues that needed to be worked on. All the therapies were always a step in the right direction, but I wanted to find a starting point where my son could continue to progress and leave some of the “traits” behind that would help with his future. After more research, I happened upon the Brain Balance Center, Hemispheric Integration. Dr. Sotis was kind, compassionate, and thorough in his evaluation. He worked well with my son, but more importantly, listened to me as a parent and addressed all my concerns. His evaluation enlightened me with new terminology that I never knew existed or could be evaluated.

My son has been following the program that Dr. Sotis had personalized for him for the past several months. Since starting the program, I have noticed a remarkable decrease in his anxiety level and an increase in his concentration. Overall, I have witnessed an amazing transformation, not just in ramping up the positives, but almost “correcting” the negatives or traffic jams in the brain. Thank you, Dr. Sotis

Karen P.

regarding her 11 year old son

Alexandra has benefited tremendously from Hemispheric Integration. She enjoys school, getting good grades, and has a much better attitude. Every morning used to be a fight to get her up and ready for school. Not anymore! She has had a complete turn-around since working with Dr. Sotis. And all she has to do are a few simple exercises and listen to music.


regarding her 8 year old daughter

I am the mother of a seven year old son who was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. We have tried numerous therapies and treatments. He saw a physical therapist for a year, an occupational therapist for a year, was evaluated by a neuropsychologist and receives special help at school. Although we saw very limited results from these, we weren’t completely satisfied. We felt that there must be more that we could do to help our son. We were referred to Dr. Sotis by a friend and started Hemispheric Integration therapy with him. After our son’s evaluation by Dr. Sotis, we were given detailed exercises and therapies. Within just a few weeks of applying these, we noticed a difference in our son’s attention span and his listening when spoken to. The paraprofessional that works with him at school even pulled me aside and commented that she didn’t know what we were doing at home, but to continue it because his focus and attention to his school work had gotten much better. We know we have a long way to go, but we have been very encouraged by the results so far.


regarding her 7 year old son

“Dr. Sotis, I can’t thank you enough for assisting me with my son Brandon. Brandon has a diagnosis of Asperger’s and Functional Disconnection Syndrome. I attended your lecture in April 2013, which I found to be both informative and fascinating. After hearing your lecture at the Warwick Public Library I became empowered that I could, with your help, get my child the help he needed to be able to function more like his typical peers. I have to say I was excited but reluctant and skeptical as many offer help or magic cures for these children but have not been able to make a significant difference. We began your Hemispheric Integration program with a thorough, intense evaluation. You were extremely knowledgeable and explained all the components of the exam as you went along. I felt very comfortable asking questions about my son’s behaviors and how they made sense due to his left brain dominance. We started the treatment plan and began seeing changes right away. My parents were first to notice the changes in his attention. I also saw that Brandon seemed more connected socially. Since beginning the program in May 2013, Brandon seems much more aware of others. He seems to seek out friends and wants to be more socially connected. He has become interested in wearing the same clothing as his peers. This change has been drastic. Brandon continues to receive weekly counseling to address concerns and his counselor is amazed as well with the changes we are seeing in him socially! I can’t thank you enough for all the positive changes we are seeing as a result of your Hemispheric Integration treatment plan for Brandon. I look forward to our monthly evaluations, as I feel I have gained so much more insight about my child through you!”


regarding her son, works in autism early intervention at the Trudeau Center in Warwick, R.I

“We are incredibly pleased with the results we have seen in our son after implementing the Hemispheric Integration plan developed by Dr. Sotis. Kyle has dramatically improved his balance and focusing skills. He is now enjoying school and is able to ride his bike without training wheels with ease. He struggled with these basic skills prior to applying the tools we were given through his individualized plan. I highly recommend the Hemispheric Integration treatment plan. It is well worth the time you will invest with your child.”

Kelli and Chris

regarding their 6 year old son

“Before Dr. Sotis and Hemispheric Integration therapy, my life was in chaos. I could not walk very well, talk, or communicate clearly. I suffered a TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY three years ago which left me with having one hundred grand mal seizures an hour. I had to learn to walk and talk again. This continued for almost two years, with all the doctors telling me that I was crazy and needed to be put on medication, as well as diagnosing me with epilepsy which was later reversed. After hearing from doctor to doctor, telling my wife and me that nothing could be done, we decided to look for other forms of treatment that specifically treated the brain, not just put a bandaid on a recurring problem – rather, seek a solution. Our search led us to a lecture that Dr. Sotis was giving on Hemispheric Integration and how it may be possible to help those that have suffered TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. I spoke with Dr. Sotis and he explained that if I indeed had a brain imbalance, the treatment would hold hope for me. My wife and I decided to take the entry test to determine if there was a hemispheric imbalance and indeed there was. In fact, most of the tests I could not get through, showing that the seizures had a profound effect on my body. After being treated by DR. Sotis, I noticed many immediate changes. First, I noticed that I was no longer snoring at night, and my wife loved this! Before, I was waking up with night sweats to the point that I soaked the sheets; I no longer have night sweats. Also, I stopped having non-epileptic seizures, which has improved my quality of life. Every night for almost two years I would shake, it would look like a grand mal seizure, then I would pass out – that stopped too. So far, after only a few visits, I can say that my wife and I are seeing promising results and that my life is greatly improved because of Hemispheric Integration therapy and Dr. Sotis. The treatment plan that he custom tailored to me is amazing.


Hello Dr. Sotis,
I thought I would send you this note to let you know how much Hemispheric Integration has helped my daughter. As you know, she was experiencing extreme anxiety in college. It was so bad that she could not go to the dining hall to get dinner. The anxiety was not surprising, as I understand it is common with people who have ADD, but it was concerning when it got to this level. She has been given medication by her doctor to control the anxiety; however, she does not want to take it due to the awful side effects. Since working with you on Hemispheric Integration, her anxiety has greatly subsided and her ADD symptoms have lessened to a point that she rarely needs to take medication. We are thrilled with the progress.


My 5 year old daughter was a highly sensitive child! She would scream and cry every time she would have to get dressed and put on her socks and shoes. She was so sensitive to smells that she would tantrum anytime we cooked and would eat dinner at a separate table from our family. Also, she was always constipated. Life and my relationship with my daughter was stressed and strained. Within the first week of our exercise program she was no longer constipated!!! Within the first month she began just getting dressed for school without issues. Although she is sensitive to smell, she only comments if she doesn’t like the smell of something but will sit with our family for each meal. My relationship with her has blossomed! Dr. Sotis and Hemispheric Integration have greatly improved our quality of life!!!

Stephanie L.

My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (on the autism spectrum) when he was in 2nd grade. He had been seen by pediatric neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, speech and occupational therapists, as well as other specialists. He made minimal progress with each intervention. He began treatment with Dr. Sotis at age 18; once he began HEMISPHERIC INTEGRATION, his autism symptoms began to decrease quickly! His comprehension and social skills improved and his anxiety dropped drastically without medication! He is now making friends and holding down a job while attending college. He is able to better understand the world around him thanks to Dr. Sotis. This program really works!

Pat M.

If there are two words I can say about the hemispheric program – it works. I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS early in life, but nothing really worked that well; not even remotely close to what Hemispheric Integration did for me. When I started, I was 18 and on the brink of unfixable. I was a massive geek with an addiction to technology in the form of video games and computers and never really socialized with others. I began the program in the spring of 2014, then came in a few weeks later with half my problems gone. The best part – no drugs! I had to perform brain-based exercises along with an elimination diet and wear therapeutic colored glasses. It was all simple, but toward the end of the program, I slacked off and regressed. I became lazy and lost my motivation. I decided to get back to it, completed the treatment plan and now I’m a new person. I’m surprisingly less interested in computers, my balance has improved, my jumpiness and hand-shaking have stopped. I’ve been going out and socializing more. I went on job interviews, something I didn’t have the guts to do before, am holding down a job, and doing well in school. I’d like to say to parents…yes, it may seem like you’re taking away what your kid likes to do and they may hate you for it. But think about this: would you want a kid who is fixed, all their baby reflexes gone, then thank you for staying on them, or not do this and watch them suffer? Dr. Sotis is a magnificent guy who has surpassed by far what drugs or other methods can accomplish. This is a massive breakthrough and I don’t understand why this isn’t being done world-wide. I thank you, Dr. Sotis, for everything you’ve done.